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Armox® and Ramor® steels are widely used for the protection of people and valuables in all kinds of environments all over the world. They can withstand extreme forces from piercing objects hitting the steel at high speed, as well as having the toughness needed to resist shock forces.

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Building protection

Armox® and Ramor® can be used for walls, doors, window frames, reception counters, shutters and other parts of a building against dangerous assault. Armox® and Ramor® steels are installed in all kinds of buildings that can be subjected to threats, such as airports, police stations, public authority buildings, railway stations and banks.

Protective armor for vehicles

When using armor steel to protect vehicles against penetration or blast forces, the protective performance needs to be achieved without making the vehicle excessively heavy. A passenger car or a light van still needs to look and drive like a standard vehicle. The latest grades of Armox® and Ramor® have an extremely high protective power relative to the steels’ thickness. 

40 years in the service of protection

Armox® protection plate has a proud heritage of defending people and property. For 40 years we have been transforming premium iron ore from Nordic mines into the world’s leading armor and ballistic steel.


Power stations, water treatment plant, electrical installations, data centers and public transportation systems are some examples of facilities that are vital to a society’s function, and therefore at risk of being attacked. Armox® and Ramor® protective armor are installed in many such facilities.

Safeguarding marine vessels with armor steel

Armox® and Ramor® armor plate is used to protect people as well as sensitive installations in a vessel. A wheelhouse can for example be built of Armox® steel with safety glass for the windows. The hull can be armored with Armox® or Ramor® in grades that correspond to anticipated threat levels. 

Containers and mobile shelters

Provides versatile and movable protection in any dangerous environment. They can be used in shipping and other transports for secure storage of sensitive cargo, as well as function as temporary shelters for people, equipped with air supply, heating and other facilities while still provide high protection against threats from the outside.

Recommended steel plate thickness and grade for different protection levels

Human life has been safeguarded in the world’s most dangerous environments by Armox® and Ramor® for many decades. The steel grades have been constantly developed during the years. What was considered a necessary thickness for an armored plate 30 years ago, can now be half the thickness with the same high level of safety.

Bulletproof workshop performance

Armox® and Ramor® steel plates are cleaner than most other steels. The low carbon content makes the material easy to weld. Using electrodes with low hydrogen content minimizes the risk for cold cracking. The steels’ uniform properties ensure reliable performance in use and ensure a predictable performance in the workshop. Guaranteed thickness, flatness and bending properties all contribute to making Armox® and Ramor® workshop-friendly materials. 


A steel armor with a proud heritage

Armox® and Ramor® are made by the Swedish special steel’s manufacturer SSAB, a world leader in quenched and tempered steel. Advanced metallurgical processes ensure the steel reaches exactly the right properties to provide maximum protection.

Exploring the strengths of armor steel in defense and security applications

Discover the benefits of armor steel and ballistic steel in protecting people and property from projectiles and explosive charges. Learn how these materials can safeguard against a variety of threats.


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