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When it comes to heavy duty steel applications SSAB plays in a league of its own. This is obvious when looking at the deliveries from SSAB Steel Service Center Kunshan.

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Mining equipment, yellow goods, lifting, buckets and cement manufacturing – all extremely demanding applications – benefit from Hardox® wear plate and Strenx® performance steel from SSAB. High performing machine components made from Toolox® is another specialty. The SSAB Steel Service Center Kunshan celebrates its 15th anniversary in 2022 and has developed from a steel supplier to a strong partner that can deliver processed components ready to use, and Just-in-time.

steel processing

Steel processing

SSAB Steel Service Center Kunshan offers customized solutions that are tailor-made for your production. We can deliver pre-fabricated parts and components made by the steel you need as well as smart logistic solutions. In addition to this our engineers are always available to support you regarding design, product development and technical matters. By using our technical resources you don’t have to invest in expensive machinery. Let us do the bending, cutting, welding and grinding for you.

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SSAB is a world leading steel manufacturer for companies wanting to be top of the class regarding demanding applications and durability.

Our customers have since decades seen us as a trustworthy partner in their growth and development. We have inhouse resources to prepare even our thickest and toughest Hardox® and Strenx® to parts and components, ready to use. We always aim for win-win solutions together with our customers.

Toolox®, our premium engineering and tool steel, has even more advantages. It outperforms a wide range of conventional steels for machining and tooling. Toolox® is developed to save time when manufacturing high-quality steel components. The final products deliver maximum performance, productivity and service life.

SSAB Steel Service Center Kunshan is a local organization with the capacity of a global company.

industries and solutions

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Providing high productivity and low maintenance costs is the core business for every Hardox Wearparts center. We support you with the right choice of wear parts and services, and we are determined to do it better than anybody else.
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The SSAB team in Kunshan

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SSAB is a global company with strong and long relations to the Chinese market. SSAB takes pride in knowing our customers, this is a core value to us. When we know and understand the challenges you face we can help you to choose the best steel for your component. We want our customers to benefit from the SSAB vision “A Stronger, lighter and more sustainable world”.



We guarantee quality in every step of our production, from our steel products and processing of parts and components to logistics and delivery. Living up to high quality expectations is the foundation we base our business on.



Our target is zero accidents, work-related injuries or illnesses. Everyone has the right to a sound working environment. A safer environment also makes us a more reliable partner to you. No accidents mean less risk of interruption in the production as well in distribution. Zero accidents is beneficial for everyone. SSAB wants to be the world’s safest steel company.

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Since August 2021 SSAB delivers the world´s first fossil-free steel. The goal is to become the first fossil-free steel company in the world by 2045. Already today the environment benefits from SSAB’s steel products. Our manufacturing fulfills high environmental demands. SSAB’s advanced high strength steels are for example used to make lighter vehicles, stronger tippers, containers and railroad wagons, for higher payload and a longer life span. Our steel creates a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.


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