SSAB Steel Service Center Dammam

We re-engineer and manufacture wear parts made of Hardox® wear plate and Duroxite® overlay components used by heavy-duty industries requiring long-lasting, abrasion-resistant, wear components. Our upgrades and repairs – either done at our factory or at your site – can significantly outlast the OEM components they replace, with much faster turnaround times.

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Industries & solutions

We have extensive experience specifying the proper Hardox® wear plate grades and/or Duroxite® overlay for our customers’ unique operating conditions and the materials they process. For example, we engineer and make wear parts and rebuilds for the following industries:

  • Mining and quarrying
  • Cement/concrete plants and trucks
  • Waste management/recycling
  • Steel & aluminum mills
  • Dredging

Re-engineering and upgrading of wear parts

Our sales engineers are qualified mechanical engineers: they come to your site, measure your wear parts/system to be upgraded, prepare your new Solidworks® drawings, and present you our estimates – all without needing to refer to a “back office.” Their cross competencies enable us to deliver wear upgrade solutions faster – in some cases, up to 6 times faster – than just reordering the original, unimproved OEM parts.

Expert fabrication of wear parts made of Hardox® wear plate

The SSAB Saudi Factory sole focus is producing wear parts for Saudi Arabian industries. Our skilled fabricators follow SSAB’s best practices for the cutting, machining, and welding of Hardox® wear plate and Duroxite® overlay products into wear parts. The wear components we engineer and manufacture range in complexity from simple chute liners to parts for vertical shaft impact crushers to totally rebuild excavator buckets.

expert fabrication

Your certified provider of world-class wear parts

The SSAB steel service center Dammam is a member of the Hardox® Wearparts network. Our technical resources and expertise in manufacturing wear parts of Hardox® wear plate has been thoroughly evaluated and approved according to Hardox® Wearparts' strict standards.

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About us

The SSAB Steel Service Center Dammam in Saudi Arabia is dedicated to helping our customers achieve higher productivity via extended service life for their critical wear components.

The SSAB Saudi Factory combines the flexibility of a local facility with the resources of a world-renown specialty steels company. Our conveniently located Dammam Center serves all Saudi Arabia with our precision-made wear parts. Or we can come to your site to do on-site repairs or rebuilds.

Our Dammam factory has a 1000 m2 workshop and 5000 m2 outdoor storage area. Our skilled staff is dedicated to help you maximize SSAB steels for your specific needs. 



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