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Interim report Q1/2024

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May 20
Steel Pile News

Fossil-free info for the geotechnical department of Ramboll Finland Oy

The latest news on SSAB path to Fossil-free steel production and SSAB Pile products were presented at the Ramboll Finland Geo-day in Hämeenlinna, Finland.

May 20
Other news

Ruukki introduces new LowCarbon offering: emission reductions of up to 70%

Environment Sustainability Ruukki Construction

Ruukki Construction, a subsidiary of SSAB Group, launches a new Ruukki® LowCarbon offering, which aims to respond to ever-tightening environmental regulations and customer needs to reduce the lifecycle emissions of their buildings. The first product in the range is Ruukki® Classic LowCarbon, a roof profile which has an emissions impact that is up to 70% lower than that of a roofing profile made of standard steel. In Scandinavia, the corresponding roofing range will be offered under the name Plannja Infinity.

May 14
Other press releases

Waste heat from SSAB Hämeenlinna to be used in district heating network

Environment Sustainability Hämeenlinna

SSAB and energy company Loimua have agreed on the utilization of waste heat from SSAB Hämeenlinna (Finland) in the Hämeenlinna district heating network. Loimua will build a heating and cooling plant on SSAB's site. The plant will have a heating capacity of around 10 MW and produce approximately 70 GWh of district heat per year. This corresponds to the heating needs of approximately 3,000 single-family houses and covers around 15% of Hämeenlinna's heating needs.

Apr 30
Customer story

Thompsons reduces tipper weight while increasing payload capacity with Hardox® wear steel

Customer story SSAB World

The last few years has seen Thompsons become a true market leader in the UK. One of the explanations for this is its tipper bodies made of both Hardox® 500 Tuf and Strenx® 900MC steel, which have reduced tipper body weight by up to 500 kilos. This in turn has meant that customers have received tippers with increased load capacity.

Apr 29
Other press releases

SSAB and Nordec agree on deliveries of fossil-free steel

Fossil-free steel

SSAB and Nordec have agreed on deliveries of fossil-free steel. Nordec will use the fossil-free steel in, for example, frame structures for buildings, façades and bridges.

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