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Interim report Q3/2023

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Nov 28
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Swedish prime minister attends start of construction in transformation of SSAB’s Nordic production system

Oxelösund Fossil-free steel

Today, in the presence of Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, SSAB made a start on construction work for an electric arc furnace in Oxelösund. This is an historic milestone for Swedish industry and for the green transformation to fossil-free steelmaking.

Nov 27
Regulatory press releases

Buy-backs of shares in SSAB during week 47 2023

Investors Share buyback

During the period 20 - 24 November 2023, SSAB AB (publ) (LEI 529900329VS14ZIML164) has repurchased in total 2,016,000 own shares, of which 492,000 shares of series A (ISIN: SE0000171100) and 1,524,000 shares of series B (ISIN: SE0000120669), as part of the share buy-back program initiated by the Board of Directors with the purpose to adjust the company’s capital structure so as to create greater value for the company’s shareholders.

Nov 24
Other news

SSAB submits permit application for transformation in Luleå

Environment Sustainability Luleå Fossil-free steel

SSAB has today submitted its application under the Swedish Environmental Code to the Land and Environmental Court at Umeå District Court. The aim of the application is to obtain the necessary permits to transform the existing operations in Luleå to fossil-free production and so contribute to a more sustainable world.

Nov 22
Other press releases

SSAB Launches Strenx® Certified Fabricator Network: Elevating Excellence in Structural High Strength Steel Fabrication

SSAB, a global leader in high-strength steel, is proud to announce the launch of the Strenx® Certified Fabricator, an exclusive initiative designed to recognize and promote excellence in the field of high strength steel fabrication. Strenx® Certified Fabricator connects a select group of fabricators with a proven ability to provide OEMs with state-of-the-art steel components and pre-fabricated structures. They have demonstrated exceptional skill and expertise in working with SSAB’s Strenx® performance steel.

Nov 22
Regulatory press releases

SSAB Europe’s change negotiations end in Raahe

Investors Strategy Raahe

The change negotiations initiated by SSAB Europe’s Finland Business Unit in Raahe have concluded. The negotiations identified solutions that can deliver permanent cost savings of more than EUR 10 million annually in fixed costs. As a result of the negotiations, workforce reductions were avoided.

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