Hardox® Wearparts

The Hardox® Wearparts sign represents wear parts that are manufactured to the highest standards by a qualified Hardox® Wearparts member. All members have been thoroughly assessed and use state-of-the-art techniques and processes to create the best wear parts in the market. If you’re a wear service center and use Hardox® wear steel today, we encourage you to explore the benefits of becoming a member.

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Power up your business

As a member of the Hardox® Wearparts community you get direct, prioritized access to SSAB’s resources for design and manufacturing with Hardox® wear plate. Collaborating with SSAB will help strengthen your position on the market.

Hardox® Wearparts member benefits:

  • Proof to your customers that your wear parts are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards
  • All Hardox® Wearparts  certified products have guaranteed traceability and authenticity
  • Faster expansion to new markets
  • Prioritized business leads from SSAB 
  • Prioritized access to new and developed  products 
  • Specialized training and prioritized technical support 
  • Dedicated business development resources 

Great work worldwide

Hardox® Wearparts members and their certified wear parts can be found all over the world. Today the program supports more than 500 members across 90 countries, and the numbers are growing rapidly. Explore some of the work from our members. 

Hear from our members

"The wear business in New Zealand has never been better"

Flying the colors of Hardox® Wearparts is a sign of quality, reliability, and excellence, says Luke Mathieson at Real Steel in New Zealand, a company growing rapidly since it became a member.

"We've been a member of the Hardox® Wearparts network for four years. It buys us credibility with our customers and being able to use the brand has really helped. We do a lot of marketing and advertising and a lot of it is around the Hardox® brand and the implied quality it brings."

"The technical support we receive is second to none"

Dave Coulson at Norfolk Iron & Metal in Spokane, Washington, US is happy with the technical support his company gets from SSAB, and even happier with the way customers appreciate his expertise.

"One of the greatest parts of SSAB and being a Hardox® Wearparts member is that the support they give us is second to none. My outside sales person that I deal with at SSAB has become one of my mentors. He's taught me so much about selling Hardox® wear plate and different Hardox® products. It's really helped us in getting the customer interested and he'll go out and travel around."