Docol recources for the autmotive industry
Docol recources for the autmotive industry

AHSS automotive steel resources

From your design concept to prototyping and then mass production, fully leverage our resources and expertise to assure an efficient development of your AHSS/UHSS automotive components.

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Automotive Insights

Watching Docol webinar

In-depth webinars

Watch topics highly relevant to your current and future automotive designs, including fossil-free steel, optimized designs for EVs, and design and forming simulations for advanced high-strength steels.
Insights about the automotive industry

Eye-opening articles

Get monthly insights into topics such as the future of martensitic automotive steels, how to achieve shape consistency in AHSS/UHSS components, and Docol® innovations for EV battery trays.

Docol® downloads

Download information about our automotive steel grades, tooling solutions, and more.
Forming data

AHSS/UHSS forming data

Get the data you need for your AHSS/UHSS designs, including material data sheets, AutoForm™ data cards, and forming limit diagrams.
Trial material stock

Trial stock materials

Get Docol® steel samples in as little as 1 to 2 weeks, ranging from letter size to full-sized coils.

Development support for crash-relevant automotive components

Automotive industry design and development support

From concepts to designs

Bring us your component concepts in their earliest stages. Together we can help you develop designs that improve crashworthiness, reduce weight, consolidate parts, and achieve a better Life Cycle Assessment.

Our design support includes:

  • AHSS material selection
  • Crash and forming simulations
  • Fatigue calculations

Prototyping and verification support

Support for prototyping and verification

From virtual to physical prototyping and forming verification, our specialists know what to watch for when using our AHSS steels in your designs.

Support for your prototyping process:

  • Trial material (AHSS samples)
  • Forming and welding recommendations
  • Tooling and die specifications

Industrialization and production support

Achieve highly efficient parts production

We can help you find the most efficient AHSS forming/production layout, using either your existing equipment or new forming techniques.

Production support including:

  • Strategies and tactics for high repeatability
  • Our experience with new production technologies
  • Production problem solving and improvements

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