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Steel piles and infrastructure products


Dedicated partner, strongly involved

Dedicated partner, strongly involved

You can rely on SSAB to provide you with first-rate infrastructure products that are responsibly produced and offer great value for money. To us, partnering with customers means committing to prompt delivery and consulting with you during the design and execution stages as needed.

SSAB’s extensive range of infrastructure construction products consists of steel pipe piles and retaining walls for foundations and harbor structures. The company offers also safety barriers systems, trapezoidal sections for bridge girders, a range of steel pipe products for water mains and expandable rock bolts for underground mine and tunnel roof reinforcement.

Infrastructure solutions

Versatile range of steel pile dimensions

SSAB’s versatile range of steel pile dimensions enables you to select the optimal size, steel grade and length for your project. Piles are installed with driven or drilled technology and come in diameters of 76.1–1220 mm (3.0–40.0 in.) and thicknesses of 6.3–23 mm (0.25–0.91 in.). SSAB’s steel grades especially for piling are S440J2H and S550J2H.

Retaining walls

Build stronger with high performance RRs and RDs steel micropiles

Our high-strength RR® and RD® micropiles, in combination with efficient designing, easy and quick installation, lower environmental impact than traditional piling create a solution that is now stronger than ever.

By using the higher steel grade S550J2H, the micropiles load-bearing capacity can be added by up to 20% over that of steel grade S460MH. The increased load-bearing capacity of the pile can be maximized by using smaller micropiles or decreasing the number of micropiles. For the customer, this means a significant improvement in the overall economy of the project.
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High performance RRs® and RDs® micropiles

Higher load-bearing capacity and lower costs

RRs micropile selection includes most of the common RR pile sizes

The excellent properties of the RR® micropiles, such as splicing easily and quickly with an external friction splice as well as other micropile accessories, are utilized also in RRs micropiles manufactured of high-strength steel.

Advantages of the high-strength steel S550J2H in SSAB's RRs micropiles:
By using the higher steel grade S550J2H, micropile’s load-bearing capacity can be added by up to 20 % over that of traditional RR® micropiles. The increased load-bearing capacity of the pile enables decreasing the number of micropiles.

Alternatively, an RRs micropile made of high strength steel can replace an RR® micropile with bigger size. Good example of this is RRs125/6.3 micropile size, which can easily replace micropile size RR115/8.

Customer case Bavo Kademuren harbour
Versatile range of steel pile dimensions
13 Dec
New version of RRPileCalc has been released
Design tool for SSAB steel piles – RRPileCalc – has been updated. New version is now available for downloads.
2 Dec
Design and installation manual for RR and RD piles in Sweden has been updated
RR®- och RD®-pålar, Anvisningar för projektering och installation, the manual for RR and RD piles in Sweden, has been updated.
18 Nov
Steel profile made by SSAB Toijala in artwork in Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Anssi Pulkkinen and Nestori Syrjälä’s work Ylösalasalasylös (Upside down downside up) won a public art competition held in 2019 by the Finnish State Art Commission, Lapland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre, Finnish Customs) and Senate Properties. A guard rail made at SSAB Toijala was used in the artwork, which was revealed at the customs post in Kilpisjärvi on the Finnish-Norwegian border in June 2021. The work is 13 meters high and 28 meters wide and refers, among other things, to the forms of the earth’s surface.
24 Sep
Lectures on steel piles at qualification course for piling rig operators
AEL-Amiedu Oy/Taitotalo in co-operation with Piling Committee of Finnish Geotechnical Society is arranging qualification courses for piling rig operators.
24 Sep
Updated manuals available
Manuals for SSAB infrastructure products are updated frequently. More detailed information on recent updates can be found below. The latest versions of the manuals are always available from the Download page.
24 Sep
PileWallCalc has been updated
PileWallCalc, a design tool for steel pile walls, has had a major update.
3 Jun
New mechanically attached rock shoes for RR270 and RR320 pile sizes
New rock shoes enable more flexible operations at site. Mechanically attached rock shoes are attached to piles in site as old welded rock shoes were attached at SSAB factory. This enables more flexible operations especially in projects where the amount of piles may change during execution.
3 Jun
Updated RRPileCalc design tool
RRPileCalc – design tool for SSAB’s steel piles has been updated. Latest version available at the moment is You can check the version number of the program you are using from the lower right hand corner of the program window.
Versatile range of steel pile dimensions