Sustainable business

SSAB's value chain

Globalization has changed the way we view corporate responsibility.

Sustainability targets

Launched in May 2015

Sustainability performance

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Sustainability objectives

Sustainability strategy

SSAB’s sustainability strategy supports the overall SSAB strategy – Taking the Lead.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

SSAB welcomes the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that strongly link to our vision of a stronger lighter and more sustainable world.


SSAB has many different stakeholders. Their confidence in SSAB’s ability to manage risks and take advantage of opportunities is important for the company’s development.

Materiality analysis

In 2019, SSAB conducted a new materiality analysis to determine our most relevant and material sustainability topics to define a new sustainability strategy and targets, as well as the content of SSAB’s GRI reporting.

Sustainability governance

Sustainability governance at SSAB is based on the company’s vision, values and Code of Conduct complemented by our governing documents.

Climate policy and legislation

SSAB operates globally and is subject both to many international agreements and to regulation particularly in the EU and US.