Sustainability strategy

SSAB’s sustainability strategy is based on our ambition to be the first to launch fossil-free steel on the market, while maintaining leading sustainability performance. The strategy consists of six areas and is integrated into SSAB’s overall business strategy.

Use better steel

SSAB’s blast furnace-based production is among the most CO2-efficient in the world, reducing the carbon footprint of our own products as well as those of our customers. This gives both us and our customers a competitive advantage.

Use steel better

We are a world leader in high-strength steel. We also help our customers upgrade their products and use stronger steel in order to save weight and material. This means that they can produce lighter and stronger products, which in turn reduces the impact on the environment.

Go fossil-free

Our goal is to be the first steel company to launch fossil-free steel on the market in 2026. Together with our partners LKAB (iron ore supplier) and Vattenfall (electricity supplier), we are striving to create a fossil-free value chain for steel.

Safety first

Everyone at SSAB has the right to a healthy, accident-free work environment. We want to be the safest steel company in the world, with the goal of achieving zero work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses.

Efficiency and responsibility

We want to run our business in a resource-efficient and responsible way. We strive to achieve the efficient utilization of raw materials and energy. Our suppliers must follow both our own standards and international sustainability guidelines.

Respect and integrity

We expect every employee to act with honesty, integrity and responsibility in their work, and to collaborate with business partners who share our values. We also work for an inclusive work environment, and promote diversity and equality.