The UN Sustainable Development Goals

At SSAB, we focus on the following UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Everyone at SSAB has the right to a healthy work environment with no accidents. Our goal is to be the world’s safest steel company and to prevent all work-related accidents and illnesses.

SSAB has zero tolerance of all forms of discrimination, and works actively to create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued. We require our suppliers to respect human rights and prohibit discrimination.

SSAB is driving the expansion of fossil-free electricity in the countries where we operate. Through the joint venture Hybrit Development AB, we are involved in the development of fossil-free sponge iron using hydrogen gas, produced from fossil-free electricity.

Together with our partners and customers, we are developing a fossil-free value chain for steel through HYBRIT technology.

SSAB strives to improve resource efficiency and reduce the use of raw materials and natural resources, for example through a circular work method. Sustainability is an integral part of our work with suppliers.

SSAB’s ambition is to largely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions in our own operations by around 2030. This will help to reduce Sweden’s carbon dioxide emissions by around 10% and Finland’s by 7%.

SSAB has zero tolerance of bribery and corruption and makes high demands in the area of business ethics. We also work actively to strengthen human rights in our operations as well as at our suppliers.

Collaboration is an important factor in changing society in a more sustainable direction. In addition to SSAB’s role in HYBRIT, for example, we are participating in the First Movers’ Coalition, a platform to increase demand for low-carbon technology. SSAB also collaborates closely with a number of customers in developing the fossil-free offering.