Strenx for trailers Fassi cranes without compromise


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Fassi cranes

Fassi cranes without compromise

Fassi is taking the fierce competition in the lifting and transportation industry head on. With the company’s new F2150RAL crane, which fully utilizes the advanced and ultra-high-strength steel Strenx® in the lifting arms and crane booms, Fassi has gained a significant competitive edge.

A revolution in knuckle boom cranes

Italian Fassi Group is one of the world’s largest loader crane manufacturers. The company brings innovation, quality and performance to its products by using advanced materials from leading steel manufacturers. In its new crane model F2150RAL, Fassi chose to use Strenx® 1100 and Strenx® 900 from SSAB in the lifting arms and crane booms.  The result was a revolution in heavy-weight knuckle boom cranes, which can now be installed on 4-axle trucks.

The F2150RAL crane stands out for its ability to combine exceptional lifting performance with a machine body that keeps structural dimensions to a minimum and limits tare weight. It has a lifting class of 160 tm / 1570 kNm and a maximum reach of 41.30 m with jib that was made possible thanks to Strenx®.

Since Strenx® is designed for areas where structural strength and weight reduction are important competitive factors, the research and development department of Fassi in partnership with SSAB worked together to co-engineer new applications with extremely advanced mechanical solutions.

Reduced weight, increased advantages

Fassi’s goal is to remain at the forefront of the industry by generating significant competitive advantages. This is why the development of the new Fassi crane was focused on improving the power to weight ratio, without sacrificing reliability or safe operation limits. Using Strenx® and SSAB’s technical experience allowed Fassi to effectively lower weight and reach new levels of performance.

Reducing weight by utilizing Strenx® also contributes to a lower tare weight, which plays a large role in improving the overall performance of the crane and vehicle package. This allows Fassi to achieve three goals: lower fuel consumption, realize savings in operating costs and lower environmental impact through less CO2 emissions

The right property and quality mix

In addition to a low weight to strength ratio, steel used in cranes is required to have high toughness, good welding and bending properties as well as good consistency in terms of physical, chemical and mechanical properties.
Strenx® meets these critical demands and SSAB is continuously improving its development work with advanced high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels to provide even more advantages to crane manufactures.


The latest video produced by Fassi and SSAB shows the new top range crane, the F2150RAL, operating in a construction site near Helsinki, Finland. This excellent crane is a perfect combination of high level steel properties with advanced features and advanced design solutions thanks to Fassi’s more than fifty years of experience.

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