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Processing services

Take advantage of our tailored steel services

By combining our premium steel products and experience with engineering support and prefabrication, you get a service that is hard to match. So, let us do the preprocessing. You will save on time and paperwork, reduce tied up inventory and, in the end, achieve a more innovative and competitive end product.

Through SSAB Shape, SSAB can offer the following steel processing services:

SSAB Processing services - Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting

Max thickness 50 mm.
Max length 37,000 mm.
SSAB Processing services - Flame cutting

Flame cutting

Max thickness 380 mm.
Max length 37,000 mm.
SSAB Processing services - Laser welding

Laser welding

Max length 20,000 mm.
Max thickness 8 mm.
SSAB Processing services - Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting

Max thickness 200 mm.
Max length 8,000 mm.
SSAB Processing services - Laser cutting pipe

Laser cutting pipe

Max length 15,500 mm.
Max diameter Ø508 mm.
SSAB Processing services - Bending/press breaking

Press bending

Max ton 4,000.
Max working length 21,000 mm.
SSAB Processing services - Roll forming

Roll forming

High strength steel.
SSAB Processing services - Plate roll bending

Plate roll bending

Max width 4,500 mm.
Max thickness 110 mm.
SSAB Processing services - Drilling


Max drill bits 70 mm diameter.
SSAB Processing services - Milling


Max diameter 360 mm.
Depth 8 mm.
SSAB Processing services - Bevelling


Max thickness 140 mm.
Max length of bevel 12,000 mm.