Customer case

Superior weldability and produced-to-length deliveries from mill – When highest quality and production efficiency are required

March 08, 2021 6 min read

Case details

Product Hollow-section
Country Finland
Company Best-Hall
Industry Building components

SSAB delivers structural hollow sections to the frame structures of Best-Hall’s buildings. One of the recent projects was Duodot. SSAB delivered over 100 tons of structural hollow sections to the Duodot project for steel frame warehouse building in southwestern Finland. Best-Hall built a logistic warehouse building for its customer for storing tires. The building is a combination of two halls, one part is 87 meters long, 44 meters wide, and the height is 9 meters from the lowest point. The other part is 132 meters long, 33 meters wide and 9 meters high.

SSAB Domex Tube Double Grade (S355J2H/S420MH) was used in the frame structures. It is specially designed for steel construction and meets or exceeds the requirements of standard EN 10219 and fulfills the specification of two steel grades: S355J2H and S420MH. Using SSAB Domex Double Grade was the best option for Best-Hall in this project; it allows the possibility of optimizing steel quantities, thickness and welding. Hollow sections were produced at the SSAB Tube Mills in Finland. Most of the steel was delivered straight from rolling in exact lengths.

According to Petri Maunula, Best-Hall’s quality manager, there are multiple benefits of using steel straight from rolling. It is cost and time-efficient and it is a better solution for the environment. When using SSAB’s tubular products straight from rolling Best-Hall’s scrap is only around 5%. It also saves on labor costs when there is no need for extra cutting and welding.

"SSAB has a good range of sizes and relatively fast deliveries even for bigger quantities. SSAB raw materials are specially developed for the manufacturing of tubular products."

Petri Maunula, Quality Manager

“SSAB has a good range of sizes and relatively fast deliveries even for bigger quantities. SSAB raw materials are specially developed for the manufacturing of tubular products. Due to the low content of alloys, weldability is at a high level. SSAB tubular products also have good machinability and are easy to cut. The weld seam will not harden heavily, which saves blades when sawing. Other significant advantages are exact length deliveries directly from the rolling. These deliveries create less handling and surface protection. In addition, this reduces work in sawing, welding and the need for inspections afterwards, also it improves quality and reduces total costs,” says Petri Maunula, Quality Manager.

Best-Hall’s project engineer Joona Ahvenkoski has been responsible for the project management and installation of Duodot’s warehouse building. “The site defined the shape and the size of the warehouse; it is the biggest possible for this site. Best-Hall’s team helped the end customer with purchasing the land and designing the best possible option for it. Soil on the site was challenging and the installation team did excellent work under the circumstances.”

Long-term collaboration with Best-Hall

SSAB and Best-Hall have a long history of working together. Strong collaboration is based on mutual trust and aims to continuously develop the steel construction industry. Both companies also strive towards a safer and sustainable future.

“It is very enjoyable to work with a customer who keeps challenging us from one project to another. The collaboration between Best-Hall and SSAB works very well. It is very satisfying to succeed together, and to see their best-in-class buildings being built around the world,” says Jukka Latvatalo, Sales Manager SSAB.

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