SSAB Weathering 460M ML

SSAB Weathering 460M/ML

The weather resistant SSAB Weathering 460M/ML steel grade is structural steel offering a good weather resistance. The steel have excellent usability properties. Its surface quality, dimensional accuracy and the consistency of its properties are among the best on the market. Thanks to its good properties, these steels promote environmentally sound construction and sustainable development.

SSAB Weathering 460M/ML brings clear performance benefits for heavy steel structures like bridges. Thanks to the excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion, there is no need for the additional coatings, such as painting of steel structures. Therefore, a significant cost advantage can be achieved in applications, where a dark brown patina is desired on the steel surface. However, the steel surface can be color coated, using the same methods as when painting ordinary steel grades. As a result of the special alloying of the steel, the lifespan of the colour coating is double that of an ordinary steel grade.

The anti-corrosion properties of SSAB Weathering 460M/ML are much better than those of the ordinary structural steels which are commonly used in many outdoor applications. The enhanced weather resistance is based on the oxide layer, i.e. patina. The elegantly brown patinated surface is architecturally distinguished. Patina starts to be yellowish first and when the time goes on the color will turn to darker brown.

SSAB Weathering 460M hot rolled plate meets or exceeds the requirements of S460K2W in 10025-5:2019 by default. Furthermore, SSAB Weathering 460ML meets or exceeds the requirements of S460J5W in 10025-5:2019. Upon agreement, they can be delivered dual certified. SSAB Raahe Works is authorized to use the CE marking for structural steels according to EN 10025-5 based on EN 10025-1.

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