Customer cases MEGA – production with passion

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MEGA – production with passion

MEGA company from Nysa, Poland, is one of the youngest Polish manufacturers of transportation vehicles; it has been established in 2004. From the very beginning, the company’s strength has lied in people – the team is well prepared to weld and assemble various steel structures. Therefore, a new company, which could not compete right away with the biggest companies in this branch, has focused on a small scale production tailored to the customer needs. Currently MEGA produces around 800 vehicles a year; its portfolio includes tipper bodies, trailers, low-floor vehicles, agricultural machines, wood transportation vehicles, etc. Main customers are in Poland, Russia and Western Europe.

One of the growth directions in MEGA was to reduce the weight of vehicles and in order to reach this target the company has started to use high-strength and wear-resistant steels. From the beginning, the main supplier was SSAB. SSAB steels require to follow special technological procedures related to e.g. welding temperature for Hardox® steels and weld sequence in case of Domex, so there would be no welding deformations. With technical support provided by SSAB, new procedures were smoothly and quickly implemented and today welding quality speaks for itself. 

Mega transportation vehicles

Practically, each vehicle manufactured in MEGA is different. Even if a tipper body looks like the last one made for the same customer, meantime there are often some new ideas to change thickness or height of side walls. It turned out that the best material to implement such changes is wear-resistant steel Hardox® from SSAB. This type of production requires however advanced machinery but also this problem was successfully solved. Instead of investing in expensive machines and equipment, MEGA orders long elements made of Hardox® sheets from SSAB Shape centre in Oborniki. In practice, 100% of elements made of Hardox® is delivered from Oborniki, always just in time and with high accuracy.

Besides tipper bodies, MEGA manufactures also low-floor trailers and semi-trailers designed for transportation of construction machines. Their long elements are currently made of Strenx® steels from SSAB. Strenx® replaced  S355 steels what resulted in weight reduction by 850 kg. At the same time strength was increased to such an extent that technical payload is now higher by 9000 kg. Strenx® is also used in the production of axes. Own axes are a distinguishing mark for MEGA’s vehicles and their parts are made of SSAB’s high-strength steel. 

 „When it comes to the weight of vehicles, there is a huge gap between S355 steels and special steels. Taking into account a frame only, we can save few hundred kilograms, increasing strength at the same time”, says Wojciech Machowski, engineering and design department manager. „Strenx® steels are much easier to bend with small radiuses, they do not crack, enabling thus structure optimization. And tipper bodies must have Hardox® logo, customers do not accept anything else”, adds Wojciech Konstanty, production manager in MEGA.