Customer cases

Customer cases

Read about our customers' success when using Hardox® wear plate

Wastequip ultra duty container with Hardox® wear plate
Austin’s supersized mining truck, which weighs 25% less thanks to Hardox® 500 Tuf
Wimmer bucket
Dynapac oscillating roller
Armor light trailers
WSB’s warehousing capacities guarantee a smooth material process and an efficient material flow to customers. The customers can request their material whenever they need it.
Customer case teaser Zetterbergs

Remu's buckets made from the toughest wear plate - Hardox®

Remu's tough, light and long-lasting buckets and undercarriages made from Hardox® wear plate

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SSAB Hardox Grunwald
SSAB steel Häggblom
K-tec Earthmovers
radmanso schakt
Hardox welding
Mega transportation vehicles
Better wear plate helps mining company
Excavation equipment loses weight, gains better image
HiTuf a smashing success at Pacific Shredder
Cooperative testing strengthens product development and customer-supplier relationship
Shanghai Peiner
Steelmer Company Ltd. Team
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EcoUpgraded cases

Together with our customers, SSAB continually upgrades steel and equipment designs. SSAB EcoUpgraded saves CO2 both in steel production and during the full lifetime of the machine.

From the CO2 payback time and onwards, every extra hour brings additional savings.