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December 21, 2015 13:27 CET Sustainability, solar panels, Metal coated steel

SSAB to deliver metal-coated, high-strength steel for thermosolar plants in Morocco and South Africa

SSAB has agreed with the Spanish company CIE EGAÑA to deliver a total of 25,000 tonnes of metal-coated, high-strength steel to be used to manufacture support arms for parabolic reflectors in thermosolar plants. The technology employed in these projects has been developed by the Spanish company SENER.  CIE EGAÑA will deliver support arms for the parabolic reflectors for the NOOR II thermosolar plant in Morocco and a thermosolar plant in Kathu, South Africa. SSAB’s deliveries will begin in December 2015 and continue until October 2016.

The support arms of parabolic reflectors are constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions. The high-strength steel delivered by SSAB has a thick Galfan coating which will prevent corrosion and prolong product lifetime in plants like these, which can produce electricity for decades. SSAB’s metal-coated, high-strength steels enable the manufacture of stronger, lighter support structures.

“Our high-strength, formable steels are ideal for the support arms of parabolic reflectors. CIE EGAÑA utilizes its stamping technology used in the automotive industry. The manufacturing process is efficient and bolted joints make the assembly and installation quick,” says Tony Harris, Head of Sales, Continental Europe, at SSAB Europe.

“Our deliveries to thermosolar plants fit in well with SSAB’s vision of building a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world,” adds Tony Harris.

The NOOR II thermosolar plant to be built in Morocco will have an output of 200 megawatts and the Kathu plant to be built in South Africa will have an output of 100 megawatts. SSAB delivered metal-coated, high-strength steels to the NOOR I thermosolar plant built earlier in Morocco. When the NOOR II plant is completed, the two plants together will have a combined output of 360 MW. The Kathu thermosolar plant in South Africa will provide electricity for around 80,000 homes.

SSAB manufactures metal-coated steels, such as Galfan and Galvannealed coated and zinc-coated steels. 

SSAB delivers metal-coated steels for applications in exacting conditions such as for the steel structures in thermosolar plants. Photo of SENER’s thermosolar plant 

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