Media archive SSAB presents steel for use in high temperatures
April 18, 2013 10:00 CET

SSAB presents steel for use in high temperatures

Toolox, with its high temperature characteristics, will be presented by SSAB at Bauma in Germany. The steel, which was initially developed for the casting of plastic parts, has also proved to have the characteristics required from extreme high-temperature environments, where material is exposed to great force and high wear. The target group now identified by SSAB for Toolox is, for example, manufacturers of machinery.

These high-temperature characteristics mean that, for example, a piece of machinery with a bucket manufactured in Toolox, can now be used in such sectors as coal power plants, cement and metal industries, where slag and other substances with very high temperatures are handled.

– Toolox enables us to meet the market demand for steel that can be used in applications with high wear and at high temperatures, said Ludger Weichert, Area Sales Manager at SSAB.

Toolox, developed from the company’s well-reputed steel Hardox, has gained entirely new characteristics in the production process. SSAB clearly identifies this fact to the market by giving the steel the new name Toolox.

Forming steel sheet requires great force and energy, which in turn generates high temperatures in the forming tool. The same thing applies in the production process when brass and aluminum are melted and formed. SSAB’s steel Toolox is also suitable for these tough processes.

– The key characteristics for tool steel used in industries and work processes with a high work temperature and high wear, is that it must be both hard and tough at the same time, which is well in keeping with Toolox, said Weichert. We are really looking forward to meeting our customers at Bauma in April, and presenting Toolox’s excellent characteristics to them.


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