Pressing sheet metal – get it right from the start and reduce costs

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40 Min

In this webinar, which is aimed at designers, buyers and production people, SSAB’s experts explain some basic concepts of sheet metal pressing, as well as killing the myth that steel with a higher elongation automatically has better ductility.

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There is money to be saved when designing a steel part that is to be shaped by pressing. It is important to coordinate design, steel grade and tool geometry for a profitable result. Get SSAB’s technical experts involved from the outset. They help – at no extra cost – with advice and, if necessary, simulations to ensure quality, reduced development costs and shorter development time.

The webinar will also answer frequently asked questions such as

  • Why is it more relevant to look at the ductility of steel than at elongation?
  • What happens to the spring-back if you upgrade from a steel with a yield strength of 420 MPa to 600 MPa?
  • How accurate is a simulation?
  • How much does the need for press force increase when upgrading to higher strength steel?
  • Where do you turn if you have questions about crimping?

Peter Alm

Senior Forming Specialist, SSAB Knowledge Service Center

Peter has 25 years’ experience of forming. Peter started his steel career as a tool designer, and has been at SSAB for the past 10 years.


Marcus Folmerz


Marcus has many years’ experience in forming at SSAB’s Knowledge Service Center. Among other things, he has worked on the production of material data, the optimization of forming methods, customer support and forming simulations, where support has often been provided directly at customer premises all over the world.


Jan-Olof Melander


Jan-Olof has more than 25 years’ experience in the steel industry and has been working for SSAB since 1995. His current focus is on sales of metal-coated products from SSAB Steel Service Center and shipments directly from mills to the Swedish market.