Increase production productivity with SSAB Domex

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Webinar Domex

SSAB Domex is a type of steel with properties that exceed most standards. This can be utilized to streamline production and deliver better end products. Welcome to the webinar on how you can utilize the improved and unique material properties to deliver a better end product.

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Optimized for your constructions

SSAB Domex® is a series of optimized structural steels with a wide range of dimensions and many different delivery options. It can be used for many different load-bearing constructions due to its strength and flexibility.

Carefully controlled

SSAB Domex® range includes hot rolled sheets, hot and cold rolled strips, tubes and profiles. The wide range and excellent cold forming, machining and welding properties mean that you can choose a product that is optimized for your production. Various metal-coated/corrosion-resistant steels with zinc, galfan or galvannealed coating are also available.

The webinar will touch on the following points:

  • Why SSAB Domex® works well where other steel types cause problems
  • Benefits of consistent product quality
  • How SSAB Domex® helps increase production efficiency thanks to higher strength and larger process windows to work in when welding
  • Examples of constructions where SSAB Domex® is used

Claus Haug


Claus is responsible for cooperation between Tibnor Danmark and SSAB. Claus has extensive experience in the steel industry and has been with the company since 1982. Over the past 18 years, Claus has represented SSAB’s works in the Danish market and has thus acquired extensive knowledge of the market.


Søren Pliniussen


Søren is responsible for the entire Danish sales department in Tibnor A/S. Søren has worked in the steel industry since 1974 and has extensive experience and knowledge covering a wide range of product categories, though primarily with regard to panels.


Elisabet Svärdström


Elisabet has been working with technical support at SSAB since 2000, primarily with Danish customers. This includes advice on how customers’ products can be developed, but also advice on choice of materials, training and other matters related to our steel. Elisabet started working at SSAB in 1978 in production, mainly within decapping and annealing in our Borlänge production.