Subframe rails for heavy-duty tippers & vehicles

SSAB’s roll-formed chassis frame rails, made from Strenx® 700MC steel, are engineer-verified and field-tested solutions for building stronger, lighter, higher quality subframes for tippers, concrete mixers, and other heavy-duty vehicles. These blank frame rails – available from stock – are cost-efficient, high-quality solutions manufacturers of heavy-duty trucks and tippers.


Reduce vehicle weight while increasing strength

SSAB Services starts with hot-rolled, high-strength Strenx 700MC structural steel that we roll-form into C-channels, also known as continuous-length, blank frame rails, or “subframe rails”. The frame rails are then used to build subframes for demanding, load-bearing applications – especially in lifting, handling, tipping, and heavy-duty transport vehicles.

Because Strenx 700MC steel has higher tensile strength, manufacturers can reduce vehicle or tipper weight while increasing payload capacities. SSAB subframe rails meet or exceed (where applicable) the requirements of EN 10162, ensuring that you only get the highest quality product.

Sub frame section
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Ready-made subframe sections for tipper and trailer subframes
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    Thickness Length Width Height
    5 mm 6–13 mm 80 mm 160 mm
    6 mm 6–13 mm 80 mm 180 mm
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      Need sizes or SSAB grades not listed here? Contact us.

      Advantages of subframe rails made from Strenx® 700MC

      Roll forming

      High-quality frame rails made to tight tolerances

      SSAB’s single-line roll-forming process was developed specifically for forming our high-strength steels, like Strenx 700MC. Unlike traditional manual press brake bending, our roll-forming of subframe rails is a fast, continuous process that eliminates double-handling. The results are exceptionally consistent rail profiles, made to tight tolerances, with an attractive, smooth surface – delivered just-in-time to you on a serial production scale.


      Subframe rails with optimized dimensions for heavy-duty vehicle

      Traditionally, many manufacturers have used low-grade, thick steel for their subframe structures, resulting in heavier vehicles. By using Strenx 700MC steel – with its high strength-to-weight ratio, in dimensions pre-optimized for heavy-duty subframes – you’ll streamline your engineering and production while offering higher payloads to your customers.

      Why choose a subframe rail from SSAB Services?


      For end-users

      • A lighter subframe increases payload capacities and user revenues, while reducing overall fuel costs
      • Increased longevity and lighter vehicles mean greater sustainability

      For designers

      • High strength-to-weight ratio helps you optimize your product
      • The subframe rails have been verified by SSAB engineers and tested in field conditions

      For purchasers

      • Just-in-time deliveries
      • There’s no shop scrap – just ready-to-use frame rails
      • Lower total production costs and inventory-carrying costs

      For production managers

      • Excellent cross-section accuracy speeds up assembly, welding, etc.
      • Free-up workshop capacity to focus on your specialized value-add
      Bending plate in the work shop.

      Take advantage of our custom steel services

      By combining SSAB premium products and our experience in engineering support and steel processing, you get a service that is hard to match. So ask us about cutting, bending, drilling and machining capabilities. Together we can determine where SSAB offers the best value-added, so you can focus less on issues like steel inventories and more on bringing products to market faster.

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