Steel service center employees.
Steel service center employees.

This is SSAB Steel Service Center Oborniki

As a part of the global steel company SSAB we have a strong focus on high-strength, wear resistant and special steels. The SSAB product program contains Strenx, Hardox, Docol, SSAB Domex, SSAB Laser, Multisteel, Duroxite and several other brands. They are all developed by SSAB, a large, innovative steel company. SSAB is since decades a world leading steel producer and our products are often known for being best in class.

We are not just a supplier of ready to weld parts, but an integral link in the production and value chain of our customers. By living the SSAB vision, we not only produce parts from the best steels in the world, but help our customers with product design, production flow optimization, reduction of scrap, and logistic solutions.

We are experts in the processing of high-strength and special steels, like Strenx® performance steel, Hardox® wear plate, Domex®, Docol® the automotive steel, SSAB Laser® or Multisteel.

We are a local and flexible unit of a strong global company, combining the strengths of a local facility and strong global presence.

Our facility is located nearby Poznan, in Oborniki – a central logistic position for customers in Poland, Germany, Russian Federation, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Croatia and many other countries.

We use 17 000m2 in production halls and 10 000m2 for outdoor storage area, dispatching more than 5000 trucks every year, carrying more than 45 000 tons to more than 1000 customers – and we do this as team of 100 committed professionals.

We’ve been operating since 2007 and we believe that we still have a long journey ahead to make the world stronger, lighter and more sustainable, together with our customers.

In our machine park we focus on advanced, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly equipment – read more in the Steel Processing section.

Meet the team

Meet our team, people that enjoy working with you and are committed to understanding your business and values!

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Worldwide SSAB is renown for top quality. When it comes to extremely demanding use, Hardox, Strenx and the other SSAB brands guarantee the best quality there is.

When we speak of quality everything is included, from the iron ore we use, production processes, maintenance and tests in our facilities, to logistical solutions.

Another important quality issue is what we do if there are complaints of any kind. Everything is included in our way of working and documented in our quality management systems. Part of the continuous improvements at SSAB is that every single employee is engaged in setting up, developing and maintaining our quality systems.

Our goal is to always meet or exceed our customers’ requirements.

We have ISO 9001 quality certification acknowledged by the recognized certification unit Dekra.


Woman checking safety equipment in mirror


SSAB is determined to be the world’s safest steel company, with the objective of achieving zero accidents, work-related injuries or illnesses. We strive to minimize health and safety risks wherever we operate.

You are most welcome to visit our facility. We would love to show you our safety-minded culture, what we have achieved so far, and listen to your thoughts, observations and experiences. This is constant process connected to awareness and caring for each other.

Our facility is certified with the ISO 45001 certification which gives us a structure for continued improvements regarding risk of illness or injury for our employees.

We believe that our customers value safety and the well-being of all persons involved in the process of value creation of their products as well as high-quality and environmentally friendly businesses.


Hybrit test plant


SSAB has had Sustainable development in focus for decades. The core business is manufacturing high strength steel grades that can be used to make products stronger and lighter. Thanks to high strength steel cars are more safe and use less fuel, trucks and trailers can carry heavier cargo, cranes can lift more, road and mining machinery last longer and need less maintenance, to mention some examples.

Now SSAB is taking a giant leap towards fossil-free steel production:
In a brand new manufacturing process SSAB has managed to produce steel with zero greenhouse emissions. There is simply no coal used!

The SSAB vision is to create a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. Sustainability is a key business driver for both us and our customers. We want to act in an ethical and environmentally sound way in all our operations and markets.

Successful environmental work is based on continuous improvements to minimize emissions and improve productivity, as well as material and energy efficiency. Already today SSAB’s blast furnace-based production is among the most CO2-efficient in the world. This gives a competitive advantage to SSAB and our customers. As an example, our cold-rolled steel production emits approximately 6% less CO2e than the European average and as much as 17% less than the Chinese average.

SSAB’s Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS) and Quenched & Tempered (Q&T) steels are stronger than ordinary steels. Our customers can use this to produce lighter and stronger products, thereby reducing their environmental footprint. At the same time lower weight means improved fuel economy and significant CO2-savings during end products’ use. By the end of 2021, these annual customer

CO2 savings will reach 10 million tonnes, which equals SSABs own direct CO2 emissions.

In addition to this SSAB Poland can help you to reduce the scrap rate for your products, which also reduces environmental impact and cost.

In the Service Center we continuously work to reduce our environmental impact by for example improving our use of chemicals and energy. We focus on small environmental problems as well as the big ones.


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In addition to premium products, we also offers a number of services to facilitate your product development. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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