More sustainable steels

SSAB’s vision is to create a stronger, lighter, and more sustainable world through our advanced steels and steelmaking processes.

CO2-efficient steels

SSAB’s blast furnace-based steelmaking is among the most CO2-efficient in the world: approximately 6% more efficient than the average European steel mill and up to 17% more efficient than the Chinese average.

In addition, our advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) are stronger than ordinary steels, meaning:

  • You use less of them for the same level of performance – reducing both material costs and embedded CO2 emissions
  • You can make your products lighter at the same level of performance — increasing both their payloads/capacities and energy efficiency when empty
  • Or you could use our stronger grades to increase your product’s performance: lifting more, going higher, carrying more, lasting longer, and increasing user safety

The world leader in decarbonizing steels

SSAB and its HYBRIT partners are world leaders in using hydrogen (instead of coking coal) for iron ore reduction, virtually eliminating the major source of CO2 emissions in the steelmaking process. Already, companies are producing prototypes using SSAB fossil-free steel from our pilot plant. And in 2026, SSAB will offer fossil-free steels in commercial quantities in select grades.

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