This is SSAB Services Maastricht

We are proud to be part of SSAB — a progressive steel company with 14,000+ employees and best-in-class products like Hardox® wear plate, Strenx® performance steel, and Domex® structural steel.

Serving Central Europe and beyond

Our unique ability to provide laser-welded wide thin sheets of Hardox® wear plate makes us the international source for industrial OEM designs requiring large sheet sizes of tough, wear-resistance steel.

In addition to our laser welding offerings, we supply Central European OEMs with SSAB steels processed to their exacting specifications into parts and kits. We can even help you design and develop all-new products, speeding your time to market.

We currently offer some of the most sustainable steels available anywhere – and eagerly await 2026, when many SSAB steels will be made fossil-free. Contact us to discuss how we can upgrade both the performance and sustainability of your industrial equipment.