Strenx Tube 700MLH S650MLHCO hollow section for offshore structures
Hollow sections


Hollow section for fabrication of fixed offshore structures

S650MLHCO is cold formed advanced hollow section.

Offshore hollow section 650MLHCO is cold formed high strength advance hollow section for fabrication of fixed offshore structures. It meets the requirements of standard EN 10225-4 and is available in circular, rectangular and square shapes.It is manufactured by cold forming and high frequency welding from clean, high quality environmentally friendly steel by modern and efficient manufacturing lines.




Dimension Range

Offshore hollow section S650MLHCO is available at circular, square and rectangular shapes. 

Circular 42.4 - 323.9 mm 
Square 40x40 - 300x300 mm 
Rectangular 50x30 - 400x200 mm 
Wall thickness 2.0 - 10.00 mm
Mill length 6000/12 000 mm

Other shapes, sizes and lengths are available upon request.

Available Standards

EN 10225-4

EN 10219-2

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