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SSAB have together with our customers succeeded to reduce weight, increase strength and service life and made cranes reach longer for 40 years. SSAB offers significant weight and cost reductions without compromising safety. SSAB have Offshore and Marine steel classifications from the most common classification societies like ABS, DNV-GL, LR among others. Strenx® 700 OME offer a combination of SSAB’s known workshop properties in combination with classification of your choice. Let’s talk about possibilities and benefits in the Offshore Oil & Gas, Renewable energy and Shipping industry.

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Benefits vs Cost

Cost optimization

Strenx® vs Aluminum

Strenx® and Fatigue

Machinery and equipment

Offshore Mega Cranes


Strenx® performance steel offer possibilities to reduce weight by 30% and increase crane reach capacity. SSAB also offer solutions for engineering details as gear racks and large bearings.

Huisman crane

Offshore Mast and Knuckle boom Cranes

SSAB offer custom size plates with stiffening corrugations and bends. Beveled edges for welding. Special profiles for light weight booms saving up to 50% weight.

Drill Towers


SSAB have developed high strength steel hollow sections and profiles for efficient drill towers. SSAB also offer cost and weight efficient steels for top-drives, pipe handling and other moving parts.


Dredging equipment


Hardox® wear plate is well known product for the buckets. But using Strenx® performance steel in the booms give you higher capacity and fatigue performance.

Dredging equipment

A-Frame cranes, LaR systems and Davits

Strenx® plates and profiles gives you great opportunities to increase capacity without increasing weight nor risk.

Access ramp

Ro-Ro Equipment


Ramps, Hatch covers and moving deck systems can be designed in Strenx® 700 OME ensuring strength and flexibility for safe loading. Reducing 30% thickness offer a 50% reduction of welding volume in many cases.

Bulk Cargo Lining


With Hardox® wear plate in the cargo box you do not need to reline your cargo boxes and you save time in harbor since cleaning up the cargo box is faster with flat cargo bottom.


Military Vessels


SSAB high strength steels protect equipment and people in defense related products. Sub-marine hulls, Ammunition rooms and collision damage resistant hulls.

Military ship
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy


Jacket structures and structures for offshore wind mills. Durable solutions for wave and tidal energy power plants.

Jack-up legs

Jack-up legs & Pylons


Strenx® 700 OM E with ABS EQ70 classification is used for jack-up rig legs and lift boat pylons enabling longer legs, saving weight and cost.