New tables with more pre-calculated resistance values

There has been 20 pages of pre-calculated resistance values for RR and RD piles in the manual. Now these tables have been recalculated and also the amount of tables has been increased. Due to the increased amount of pages, the tables have been separated to own individual pdf files, Bilaga A (Appendix A) for driven piles and Bilaga B (Appendix B) for drilled piles.

Both of the Appendixes have totally 56 tables with pre-calculated buckling resistances for piles with different corrosion values. The tables include resistance values for empty piles, concrete filled piles and concrete filled piles with composite effect considered. All the resistance values have been calculated and given in ULS and in SLS. These new Appendixes contain total of 224 pages of tables.


All pages have clear markings at the top of the page on the content of the particular table. This helps finding of correct table and correct resistance value.



Many smaller updates

Beside above mentioned new tables, the manual has also several smaller updates and fixes. For example; the partial factors have been updated to follow the latest update of Boverket, Table 5.3 includes now also the drill bits from Mincon and the example on the qualification test for welders has been updated.

Download new versions

New version of the manual as well as new Appendixes A and B are available from SSAB web pages. You can download the pdf files from below links.

RR- och RD-pålar, Anvisningar för projektering och installation

Bilaga A, Dimensionerings – Tabeller för slagna pålar

Bilaga B, Dimensionerings – Tabeller för borrade pålar


More information on RR® and RD® piles and RD® pile wall