Approximately 70 Norwegian foundation construction professionals gathered at the Stålpeledag (Steel Pile Day) on June 1. Stålpeledagen is organized by the SSAB Tubular Norwegian team and is the Norwegian equivalent of the Steel Pile Day organized in Finland every January.

The day started with a short introduction video and speech of welcome given by Jan Andreassen, Business Manager SSAB. During the day, participants heard many interesting presentations from customers, designers, as well as from SSAB. Sondre Smeland, Technical development manager of pile products in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, hosted the event and presented also SSAB Fossil-free™ steel and SSAB Zero™ Steel, which is the next generation of recycled steel.   

Emmi Kristensen and Kari Lien Johnsen from Løvlien Georåd  

Emmi Kristensen and Kari Lien Johnsen from Løvlien Georåd AS attended for the first time. They both work as geotechnical engineers and came to the event to learn more about the execution and production of steel piles and to check out the latest developments in this area. They thought that the presentations were interesting. “A lot of different kinds of projects and product samples were very interesting. Also the environmental aspects were really interesting thing to hear,” say Emmi and Kari Lien.

Sondre Smeland and Petri Suonpuro from SSAB Europe 

“A big thank you to our Norwegian team as the event was really successful once again”, says Petri Suonpuro, Head of Pile products. “It was very good to see how interested people are in our products as well as how pleased they were with our event. Several different types of projects with different kinds of designs and solutions were presented. We saw many of the advantages of SSAB pile products’ versatility; several challenging RD pile wall projects, optimized solutions with SSAB’s high-strength RRs and RDTs piles (S550J2H) and using SSAB’s steel piles for utilizing geothermal energy.”

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