Latest version numbers are PileWallCalc and RRPileCalc

Both programs can be downloaded from here.

Information security in focus

The installation packages of both programs have now Digital Signatures. Digital Signatures ensure that the files have not been altered or changed afterwards. By this the users can rely that the programs will not contain any malware.

The license server, which handles the registration of the programs, has also been changed. New server offers more secure connection between program and the server.

Small bug fixes for PileWallCalc

First bug caused the wall thickness of lower part of the wall to change to minimum if any of the corrosion values was changed. Naturally, this caused inconvenience if user did not notice the change. This is now fixed.

The second bug prevented the resistance values in Wall type tab to update, if more accurate calculation was done by changing to some other tab and coming back to Wall type tab. Due to the bug, the results shown in Wall type tab and in Results tab were different. After the fix also the results shown in Wall type tab are now updated to correct values.

Not exactly a bug, but the terminology used in the PileWallCalc was changed. Term “interlock” was changed to “connector” in whole program. New terminology is better in line with execution standard EN 12063.


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