Petteri Steen, head of SSAB's tubular products, said that this face-to-face event has already been eagerly anticipated. For the previous two years, the event has only been organized online due to the corona situation. "Now we finally get to meet customers, designers, and other stakeholders face-to-face. Once again, a large number of interested people have registered for the event. No wonder, since the offering is quite interesting. It's a pleasure to notice how important and respected our event is," says Petteri.

Petteri Steen, Head of SSAB tubular products

It was a nice touch that this year the event was organized for the first time in the Mall of Tripla, which has foundations of SSAB steel piles. Petri Suonpuro, Head of pile product line, says that Mall of Tripla piling was a significant project in 2015-2016, for which SSAB delivered close to 6 kton of pile products from SSAB Oulainen mill. The share of RD pile wall deliveries in Tripla project was about 17 km in total (approx. 5 kton).

Petri Suonpuro, Head of pile product line

A diverse range of presentations was held throughout the day. Dennis Jensen, from Per Aarsleff, who visited Steel Pile Day and Finland for the first time, gave an interesting presentation about the Södertälje canal project. Dennis gave good feedback on SSAB's flexible operation and praised the smooth cooperation with Swedish pile sales.

Dennis Jensen, Per Aarsleff

The 2023 Steel Pile Day closed with a presentation by SSAB Raahe site manager Jarkko Matkala. There has been steel production in Raahe since the 1960s. Currently, there are approximately 2,500 employees and the mill is the region's largest employer. Raahe mill is an interesting entity. The mill has mills within the mill and products from different processes are manufactured in these smaller mill units. The steel mill and the tube mills are located geographically close to each other. All of SSAB's pile products are delivered to the customer through the domestic production and supply chain.

Jarkko Matkala, Raahe site manager

But what does the future look like? SSAB's goal is to replace the current Nordic strip production system with fossil-free steel, as well as with minimill-based production. At the end of the day, the guests were given a small taste of the future and saw how steel production will change in the coming years. Follow SSAB’s journey towards fossil-free steel: SSAB fossil-free steel


You can get to know the materials presented during the day here:

SSAB:n Teräspaalupäivä 2023