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Emma Evergran is one of 245 summer workers at SSAB Luleå

SSAB Luleå have 245 summer workers, 102 of them are women and 143 are men. Emma Evergren is one of the summer workers and she comes from Stockholm. Emma is 23 years old, and in two years’ time she’ll be graduating in Industrial Economics from Luleå University of Technology. It´s her first summer at SSAB.

Why did you choose a summer job at SSAB?

I’m studying engineering, and it’s really important to have experience from having worked in industry to gain that perspective. We just study the theoretical side, and I wanted to see the practical side. A really big company that is good at what it does, so it’s exciting to get the chance to work here. I’ll be here until the end of August.


What do you do in your summer job?

I’m a construction worker at the coke plant. If something stops, I have to be able to sort it out at the plant. I operate the machines in the coal store, digging and loosening coal that arrives by ship from the USA, Australia and other places.


Emma Evergran


Have you learned anything that you will benefit from later?

I’ve been able to experience the culture that exists here among production employees , and their attitude to work, which is valuable for me. Learning new tasks at work is always a good experience. Experiences always enrich your life.

I’ll also take away with me the way they work as a team, there really is a great sense of cohesion.


How are you finding the job?

I’m really enjoying it, a really great work team and I like my work.


Could you imagine working here at SSAB?

Absolutely. I might not be able to do what I’m doing at the moment, but absolutely in another role that matches my studies.

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