Several updates

SSAB is constantly developing and updating RRPileCalc. RRPileCalc is used to calculate the design resistances of SSAB steel piles.


Latest version has for example following updates:

  - Program shows now CO2 emissions of steel material for steel pile and possible inner pipe. The initial values for calculations are taken from EPD for SSAB steel piles.  

  - Calculation of requirements for PDA tests has been added also to calculations according to Norwegian norms.

  - Fabrication tolerance class of RR and RD micropiles has been set to level A in local buckling calculations.

  - Automatic start of Advanced FEM calculation has been removed. Now calculation starts only from the Calculate button.

  - New mechanically attached rock shoes for RR270 and RR320 pile sizes are now considered and message on rock shoe resistance will not appear anymore with these pile sizes.

  - With Finnish norms the Rc;d value didn’t update every time when pile size was changed. This is no fixed.

  - Stress-strain graph of steel materials has been revised to be more clear and informatics.

  - Used fyd and Tau_d values are shown in Results tab. Now also effect of local buckling is considered in the fyd value.

  - Some bugs with graph print outs have been fixed.

  - Several other fixes, which can be seen from ReadMe.txt file of the program.


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