Design and installation manual for RR® and RD® piles


Several small updates in the manual include for example following topics:

- new mechanically attached rock shoes for RR270 and RR320 pile sizes

- grouted RR piles with new type of grouting shoe

- bearing plate sizes; also the bearing plates used in standard pile caps are considered in the table

- reference to guide from Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency regarding quality of the bedrock and RD piles

  (manuals to be used in Finland)

Figure 1. New grouting shoe continuously grouted driven RR piles.


End-of-driving tables


Also Appendix 2 for Design and installation manual for RR and RD piles, End-of-driving tables and curves, has been updated. This Appendix has been made to follow the national requirements in Finland. In new version a hammer with 1360 kg ram block has been added. This hammer size is used for Movax DH-15 piling hammer. Also some hydraulic rams have updated to include graphs and table values for 5 m long piles.

Figure 2. Example of an end-of-driving criteria table with new 1360 kg hammer.

Foundations for small houses


Manual “Pientalojen perustukset” has been updated. This manual is available only in Finnish and it follows the national annexes and national instructions for Finland.

Manual contains ready calculated continuous piled footings for small houses. Footings are available for buildings having structures made of wood, Leca blocks or concrete. The graphs in the manual are made such that designer can either use default structures or load values (kN/m) to see which piles and footings are usable.

Example of a graph is shown in Figure 3. Figure shows resistance graph for continuous footing of a small house having two floors and structures made of concrete. The resistances are given for pile sizes RR75, RR90 and RR115/6.3. With each pile size there are multiple resistances considered; design resistance of pile, bending resistance of footing, shear resistance of footing and crack width at the footing.

Figure 3. Example of a resistance graph for a small house with two floors and concrete structures.

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