Calculation of shear resistance

RRPileCalc is now able to calculate also shear resistance for pile cross-sections. And beside shear resistance, the program also shows resistance graphs for combined resistances, M+N, M+V, N+V and M+N+V.

Figure 1. RRPileCalc has now more resistance graphs for the pile cross-section

Shear resistance is calculated for empty piles as steel structure and also for composite effect piles. For composite effect piles the calculation of shear resistance is based on the shear resistance of interface between steel and concrete. When shear resistance of the interface is higher than the shear force, there will be no slipping and the composite effect can be utilized without any shear connectors.

In graph for combined resistance M+N+V for steel structure the user can input shear force VEd affecting and program shows curve where M and N resistances are reduced. Also user can input NEd and MEd affecting and program calculates corresponding available M and N resistances respectively. These values are also shown in graph.


Figure 2. Graph for combined M+N+V resistance, user input values shown with green and red circles

Also many other improvements and fixes

Beside adding of shear resistance calculation, there have been also many smaller improvements.
• Registration of the program is now even more simple. If unregistered program is started, a notification will be shown and user can easily get to registration dialogue.
• B500B material has now been added to list of possible reinforcement materials.
• Several small bug fixes and improvements to user interface
More detailed list of updates is given in ReadMe.txt file of the program.

Instructions for users in Webinars

There have been totally three webinars so far giving instructions and hints for the users of RRPileCalc. Two first webinars concentrate on the basics of the program and the languages of the webinars are English and Finnish. Third webinar goes little deeper and shows the use of more advanced features of the design tool, for example Advanced FEM part and shear resistance of a pile.
All these webinars have been recorded and can be found from SSAB’s webinar center.


SSAB’s design tools for Infrastructure products are free and can be downloaded from Infrastructure design tools.