SSAB makes local contributions in the current Covid-19 crisis

SSAB in Raahe and Hämeenlinna donate laptops to school students

Schools in Finland have closed down to reduce the spread of Covid-19, which has resulted in a greater need for computers in many families. SSAB in Raahe and Hämeenlinna have contributed to a charitable initiative that is striving to ensure equal opportunities for pupils studying remotely by donating over 60 laptops that are no longer in use. The initiative is being coordinated by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

Face masks donated to regional healthcare facilities from SSAB Luleå and Borlänge

Face masks have been donated from SSAB in Luleå to the healthcare sector in Region Norrbotten, and the same from SSAB in Borlänge to Region Dalarna. Borlänge has also donated other material, such as overhead film, which is being made to produce visors for healthcare staff.

Donation to Hope ry from SSAB Hämeenlinna

Children who receive their main meals at school are particularly vulnerable now that schools have closed because of Covid-19. SSAB Hämeenlinna has made a donation to Hope ry, an aid organization for families and children in need, to provide gift vouchers for food for those in need in the area around Hämeenlinna.

SSAB Americas prioritizes products for the battle against coronavirus

As of mid-April, SSAB Americas is starting to prioritize the production of steel intended for use in municipal, state or federal aid programs or projects.

Knowledge sharing and donations of hand sanitizer from SSAB Borlänge

Employees in Purchasing at SSAB in Borlänge have contributed by helping regions and hospitals to coordinate purchases of protective materials. They have also collected the hand sanitizer that is available at the production location and donated it to workplaces with high levels of social interaction, as there has been a national shortage of hand sanitizer.

SSAB Oxelösund manufactures hand sanitizer and donates protective equipment

SSAB has been making donations from its own stocks of respiratory protective equipment and protective gloves to the healthcare sector (after ensuring that internal needs have been met).

SSAB makes local contributions in the current Covid-19 crisis
SSAB’s Jonas Lindsten hands over protective equipment to Helena Tauberman of Region Sörmland.

They have also been producing hand sanitizer for their own use, as this has been a product in short supply. The aim is to be able to donate hand sanitizer to local healthcare facilities.

The 3D printer used to manufacture prototypes for visiting customers has been converted to manufacturing face visors, which are being donated to healthcare facilities in Oxelösund Municipality.

SSAB Poland supports local quarantine centers together with partners

Together with other member companies of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, SSAB has given financial and organizational support to local quarantine centers in Poland.