Calculation programs RRPileCalc and PileWallCalc have been updated. Several new features available.


SSAB’s calculation program RRPileCalc for load bearing piles has several fixes and new features in its latest version. Users can now choose calculation method between elastic and plastic when pile pipe belongs to cross-section classes 1 or 2. Also user can neglect the local buckling of pile pipe when it belongs to cross-section class 4. At the same time some fixes have been made to calculation and showing of results for composite effect piles where pile pipe belongs to cross-section class 4.

For users in Sweden there is now added a structural resistance value for pile in serviceability limit state (SLS). Also defining of the initial curvature of pile has been updated in Swedish norms.

Advanced FEM part has also some updates. The lowest possible friction angle has now been set to 25° instead of previous 29°. This enables calculations for example in loose silt soils. Also a bug which was limiting the ultimate soil strength to too low values when using Norwegian or Swedish norms has now been fixed.

The printout has also been updated. The results of Advanced FEM calculations are now shown beside the results of basic calculations. Also above mentioned user choices on elastic or plastic design are mentioned in printout.


PileWallCalc is a calculation program for pile walls made of steel piles. The latest update has more accurate calculation of composite effect piles when pile pipe belongs to cross-section class 4. The latest version also allows user to define more specific calculation method by choosing between elastic and plastic design when pile pipe belongs to cross-section class 1 or 2. It also allows user to neglect the local buckling of cross-section 4 pile pipes in special situation described in EN 1993-5 clause 5.5.4(9).

For users in UK, The Netherlands and in Poland there is now possibility to give diameter and wall thickness of the pile pipe freely. This is enabled when the structure of the wall is either Combi Wall or Zig-Zag Combi Wall.


Both of the programs are free and the installation packages can be downloaded from Infrastructure Design tools.
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