Design and installation manuals for RR® and RD® piles and RD® pile wall have been updated.

All SSAB manuals on Infrastructure products are updated frequently. The latest versions of the manuals are always available at

Design and installation manual for RR® and RD® piles

All language versions of manual are intended to facilitate the design and implementation of piling. They are all based on EN standards and national requirements. Important thing is to use the correct language version in each country.

  • Finnish and English versions are following the national piling guide (PO-2016) and national requirements of Finland.
  • Swedish version is based on the Pålkommissionen reports and national requirements of Sweden.

Now all these language versions have been updated with the latest product updates. Also several other fixes and updates have been done to meet the latest requirements for designing and installation of the piles.

Also Appendix 2, End-of-driving tables and curves have been updated. New version has several new hydraulic breakers added, extending now to totally 26 different hydraulic breakers. Another big update is adding of 5 m long piles to tables and curves.

Design and installation manual for RD® pile wall

Both language versions, Finnish and English, have been updated. Updates are mainly related to the experiences gained from the projects where RD pile wall has been used. By this, the designers and contractors have always the latest information and knowledge in their use.

Design and installation manual for RD pile wall is not country related. Both versions are based on EN standards and can be used everywhere where EN standards and Eurocode design standards are in use. Naturally manuals can be used also elsewhere, but design needs to be adapted to local design standards and guidelines.

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