GreenCoat® is SSAB's brand for innovative and environmentally-friendly color-coated steel for roofs, façades and rainwater systems. It is a unique and patented system where Nordic rapeseed oil has replaced a large part of the fossil solvent in the paint.

“It feels very good to be appointed an official partner of SSAB. Together with our customers, we can now further strengthen our position in the Finnish market and continue to be fast, flexible and even more environmentally aware,” says Janne Lahtela, CEO, at JanLa Oy.

“The partnership feels like a natural consequence of our long cooperation with SSAB. We have previously worked hard in the Finnish market and with GreenCoat® we take another step towards the consumers and their need for sustainable roofing product,” continues Lahtela.

The strategy of appointing partners to SSAB is an increasingly growing trend. As competition from companies outside the Nordic region continues to grow, SSAB chooses to have closer links with some reputable and well-functioning distributors through a partnership.

“The choice of JanLa Oy feels very simple and natural. Our long-standing cooperation guarantees that customers and consumers receive a good product that meets the strict requirements for sustainability and environmental adaptation,” says Lotta Ruottinen, Sales Director Finland, color-coated products.

Strengthened market position

JanLa Oy is known for their active marketing and delivery capacity in the Finnish market. The most common colors are sold from stock, which has made JanLa Oy and their distribution centers a trusted supplier. In addition, the patented BT coating* in GreenCoat® gives customers another competitive advantage.

“The unique BT coating has a worldwide patent and provides not only environmental benefits but also better performance. The process of mixing rapeseed oil into the paint makes the coated products more easily processed and smooth. This is something that our customers really appreciate, “says Janne Lahtela at JanLa Oy.

* The unique (bio-based technology (BT) coating holds a worldwide patent and offers not only environmental advantages, but also increased performance. The GreenCoat® color-coated product portfolio is currently the market’s greenest offering for roofs, façades and rainwater systems.

For more information, please contact:
Lotta Ruottinen, Sales Director Finland, SSAB Europe,
tel. +358 50 314 3415