The reconstruction of Port Gdańsk is one of the most important construction works in the region, which made the city an excellent place to host SSAB’s Steel pile day focused on maritime business. This was the second Steel pile day seminar organized by SSAB in Gdańsk, Poland. Purpose of the event was to present the vast range of SSAB’s steel pile solutions including driven RR® and drilled RD® piles, foundation construction cases and possibilities for projects’ optimization. “The event was successful, we were able to attract the right people to one place. It was in total 75 participants”, tells Aleksandra Burska, Sales Manager, SSE Tubular Products, Infrastructure.

The event took place on April 4th in Maritime Culture Centre in Gdańsk, which is part of the National Maritime Museum. The audience consisted of investors from the Gdańsk Port Authority, Gdynia Port Authority and Maritime Office Gdynia, designers, construction companies and steel producers. Also professors and students from Gdańsk University of Technology took part in the event.

SSAB’s host Aleksandra Burska opened the conference with her presentation about the advantages and benefits resulting from the use of higher steel grades and SSAB’s steel pile structures like RD pile walls and Combi walls. SSAB had invited four external companies to present different aspects related to maritime projects. Designer Projmors presented section modulus and its role in designing process. Construction company Keller presented their versatile range of technologies related to maritime projects, project references including SSAB’s Dworzec Drzewny -case in Gdańsk and challenges related to fairway project executions in Polish harbors. Strabag shared information on installation methods and benefits related to the use of steel piles. Piletest updated audience on pile load tests including trial RD pile test in Gdańsk. The seminar was followed by lunch where the participants could discuss and share experiences.

“During seminar we had an opportunity to strengthen relations with our customers and business partners. The event helped us to recognize future potential of the maritime business in Poland and reinforce our position there”, summarizes Aleksandra Burska. Feedback from the audience was very positive. According to the feedback questionnaire results the event was experienced above expectations, both from the content and arrangements point of view.