SSAB’s S500MC steel was used as the basic material to make the corrugated plates at the ViaCon factory in Rydzyna, Poland. Opened to traffic in March this year, the bridge can withstand a load of 2,000 vehicles per hour and was completed in half the time it would have taken to build a similar bridge made of concrete. It is also estimated that the bridge will last more than a 100 years and require less maintenance than other bridges accommodating heavy traffic.

Shammal Bridge is part of the UAE government’s Phase 2 expansion of Emirates Road project to link Rak with the rest of the UAE. The bridge is located within the “mega” Rak Ring Road that was also recently completed. The steel arch structures comprise corrugated iron sheets that are installed in line with pre-approved designs and project requirements.

“We are satisfied with the excellent quality of SSAB steels and the just-in time delivery,” says Production Director Marcin Kaleta at ViaCon Poland.

“ViaCon is an important customer for us and we look forward to continuing our business relations,” says Przemysław Beciński, Sales Manager at SSAB Europe.

ViaCon in Poland consists of three companies: ViaCon Sp. z o.o.,ViaCon Polska Sp. z o.o. and ViaCon Construction sp. z o.o. All of these companies are members of ViaCon Group, established in Sweden and Norway in 1986. At present ViaCon Group is made up of approximately 30 companies.

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Przemysław Beciński, SSAB Europe, phone: +48 71 346 73 11, e-mail: [email protected]

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