“ According to our experience reality offers a better measure than laboratory tests to determine how metal-coated materials resist corrosion In the test – which covers a period of 5and 8 years – we were able confirm that Galfan was 2.8 times better than zinc alone and no less than 3.8 times better than zinc-magnesium,” says Thomas Pettersson at SSAB.

Galfan – the best for the Nordics

Atmospheric-corrosively is measured in different categories. In the Nordic region typical categories are C2 (urban and rural areas in the Nordic region) and in some cases C3 (marine environment). At the marine environment testing grounds in Bohus-Malmön (C3), Sweden, test panels have been outside for many years to clarify how different zinc-based coatings withstand weather in real-life conditions

The results differs clearly from laboratory salt-spray tests, the real-life tests giving Galfan ZA 255 a convincing victory


Galfan is a zinc-based coating used in a variety of segments and on different steel grades to extend the useful life of steel parts. Alternatively, traditional zinc coating can be replaced with a thinner Galfan coating, which offers better welding and forming properties.

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(*)The test was conducted by the French Corrosion Institute in collaboration with Swerema KIMAB.

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