For me personally, it has been a very educational journey. When we started to discuss the idea in the fall of 2015, through the process of creating the partnership between the companies, and throughout the whole pre-feasibility study, I have had the opportunity to hold discussions with experts from many different subject areas, from ore processing to the direct reduction of iron ore, from energy and electrical systems to hydrogen production and storage, from climate and industrial policy to communications, from industry organizations to research institutions and universities, from independent organizations to authorities concerned at both the national and EU level. 

The conviction that the vision on which the HYBRIT initiative has set its sights is right for Sweden and Finland as countries, and for SSAB as a steel company in particular has been increasingly reinforced.

I am inspired by the fact that most people with whom we have been in contact during this time have shown tremendous enthusiasm and support for the initiative. At the same time, I feel that expectations are increasing and that time is short. As an engineer, I know that we have many years of hard work ahead of us. Now that we have created the jointly owned company HYBRIT Development AB and appointed an extremely competent CEO and a group of highly qualified engineers, I am convinced that we have the muscle to drive this important project forward in the best way possible.

What is particularly pleasing is the interest in SSAB from younger generations is increasing, and that they think that it is cool that we are the ones who are driving this historic project. This creates hope for the future, because the transition to a fossil free society will require the efforts of several generations to come.

Martin Pei, Executive Vice President & CTO