SSAB participated to DFI Deep Foundation Institute SuperPile’18 piling design & construction conference New York, New York, USA June 28-29

SSAB introduced RD pile wall, a water tight retaining wall system, to North American deep foundations industry at DFI’s 42nd Annual conference on Deep Foundations in New Orleans last October as Antti Perälä, Technology Manager, SSAB Europe, Tubular products, Infra, held a presentation on “RD pile wall – A water tight retaining wall structure”. SSAB’s last October introduction was now successfully followed by the participation to the SuperPile’18 conference and exhibition with booth among the main industry players in the North America. The event was the largest ever and attracted 555 professionals and 82 exhibitors.

“RD pile wall got even more interest among designers, contractors, authorities and dealers as the participants were now able to better understand the working principle of the solution through the product samples and by using the RD pile wall AR (Augmented Reality) app at our booth. Moreover we had a good discussions with many people”, says Antti. “We also got project details so that we can propose our alternative RD pile wall solution against competing retaining wall solutions in real soon to be started projects”, continues Hannu Jokiniemi, Sales Director, SSAB Europe, Tubular products, Infra.

SSAB has delivered more than 100 RD pile walls since the launch in 2010. Fast and reliable installation and excellent water tightness has resulted in successful customer projects. The most significant projects in the Northern Europe have been RD pile walls in Pasila Tripla in Helsinki, Finland, Peterhead Harbour in Scotland and Norvik Harbour in Sweden, projects containing 3200-6000 tonnes of SSAB steel each.

RD pile wall is based on RD piles and RM/RF interlocking sections fastened by welding at the mill. RD pile pipes are produced in SSAB’s tube mills in Pulkkila and Oulainen.