For nearly 20 years, the Swedish Steel Prize has been an icon within the steel industry. It has recognized and rewarded small and large companies, as well as institutions and individuals, who have developed an innovative method or product that utilizes the full potential of high-strength, wear-resistant and other premium steels.

Last year, 102 entries from across the globe were submitted and, to date, over 1,000 applications have been received since the start of the Swedish Steel Prize in 1999. The winner in 2017 was Kiruna Wagon, who created the Helix Dumper, an innovative wagon solution that is highly durable, as well as far more efficient and versatile than other ore wagons on the market.

From the pool of applicants, four finalists are chosen and ultimately a winner is decided by an independent professional jury that is looking for entries which stand out and inspire. Eva Petursson, Chair of the Swedish Steel Prize jury and head of SSAB’s strategic R&D, explains what that means.

“When applying for the Swedish Steel Prize, a prototype of the product is enough. It does not matter if the product is still at the beginning of its journey. If you have a totally new, wild or even outrageous idea that really pushes the limits of steel, we want to see it.”

The Swedish Steel Prize winner will be announced on May 24, 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden, at an event packed with knowledge, inspiration and opportunities to meet people working with steel in all types of fields. The winner will receive a statuette by the sculptor Jörg Jeschke and a cash prize of SEK 100,000 that SSAB encourages to be donated to a charity of the winner’s choice.

Want to get more information and apply? Head to, where you can take a look at previous nominees and winners, as well as watch videos of the event. Also, be sure to follow the Swedish Steel Prize on social media.

Submit your entry by February 1, 2018 at the latest.

For further information, please contact:
Eva Petursson, Chair of the Swedish Steel Prize jury , +46 243 712 04
Anna Rutkvist, Project Manager, Swedish Steel Prize, +46 243 716 40