Photo: Jetro Matilainen

“The sheer size of the bridge means the steel structures are necessarily large and require heavy-duty expertise in both the manufacturing and installation processes. Ruukki has broad experience of similar projects. Our references in Finland include the manufacture and installation of steel structures for the Tähtiniemi bridge in Heinola, the Raippaluoto bridge in Oulu and the Isohaara bridge in Kemi. Ruukki’s bridge competence is also visible in Sweden, where Ruukki has had a hand in large composite girder bridges such as those at Motala and Hudälven,” says business director Heikki Wilén at Ruukki.

Kreate Oy is responsible for building the Jännevirta bridge, which has been commissioned by the Finnish Transport Agency. Construction work on the bridge started in October last year.

Ruukki began making the steel structures in January this year. Installation work started in April and is scheduled for completion at the turn of the year. Surface treatment is scheduled for summer 2018.

Ruukki is supplying a total of 2,430 tonnes of load-bearing structures for the bridge. These structures are being manufactured at Ruukki’s plant in Ylivieska, which specialises in the manufacture and installation of large steel structures used in buildings and bridges. Jännevirta bridge is scheduled for completion by the end of 2018.

Additional information: Heikki Wilen, Business director, Ruukki Construction,
tel. +358 500 260 570, [email protected]