By Victoria Topor, Communications Intern, SSAB Americas

Shortly after joining SSAB Americas as a Communications Intern, the time arrived this week to tour one of the mills—SSAB Iowa to be exact. Going into the trip, I had no idea what to expect since I had never been to a mill before in my life. Leaving the mill, I had no idea that I would gain such a deep appreciation and admiration for the kind of work that is done at SSAB.

The machinery, chemistry and production were beyond anything I had ever been exposed to before. It was overwhelming at first, but once I grasped the concept of what was going on around me, I was completely fascinated. I was drawn to the flames, sparks and heat of the production process and impressed by the knowledge and dedication of the employees. The experience of watching our product transform from recycled scrap to high-strength sustainable steel helped define my purpose at SSAB and gave more meaning to the work I have done thus far.

The part that stuck with me most was watching each employee complete his or her share of the steelmaking process. From gathering the recycled scrap, to melting it down, to determining the chemical composition—each station was equipped with devout employees who were eager to demonstrate their responsibilities for me. Although the machinery was intimidating, I felt completely safe because of the individuals I was surrounded by. That very devotion and sense of safety triggered a much deeper appreciation for our product and the work we do at each SSAB location.

I also had the opportunity to tour the R&D facility, which was another world in itself. I was impressed by the expertise and knowledge of the individuals within that facility. I had not expected to come across such valuable and significant pieces of equipment that ultimately determine the structure and properties of SSAB steel.

Overall, I am left in awe of the experience of the entire steel manufacturing process. From the property to the people and machinery, I will never forget how I felt within the facility and how I now feel about SSAB.