One of the 99 families who have received assistance is that of Nadia. She has two daughters and lives with her husband in a single room of 100 square feet. Her husband works as a builder and is often away for long periods of time. Previously, Nadia worked as a preschool assistant, but a few years ago she sank into a deep depression and could no longer do her work. She herself grew up in difficult circumstances and found it hard to trust other people.

"With help from SOS Children's Villages, I was able to work through my experiences and develop into a better person," Nadia says.



"I've now found some loyal friends and can feel happiness and take care of my children." Her children too have received support, and both now go to preschool, where they have found friends and a whole new self-confidence, she tells us.

The family support program has many different aspects. In 2016 the program was able to offer both psychological support and social education. Training courses for parents have also been held, for example "Strong parents - strong children" and "Personal growth together". As many children and adults suffer from deficiency diseases, they have been given nutritional and vitamin supplements.


Thanks to contributions from donors like SSAB, SOS Children's Villages are able to help children who have had a difficult start in life. They can enjoy a good early life, with parents, siblings and schooling, and the opportunity to grow into strong, independent adults.