Tekes is contributing to the funding of two research projects. The product development project, which is developing steels for use in the automotive industry and Arctic condition, received funding of around EUR 1.26 million. The process development project received funding of EUR 400,000. SSAB’s works in Raahe and Hämeenlinna and tube mills in Finland are involved in the research projects.

“Forest machines, large excavators and dumpers, etc. operating in low northern temperatures place particularly high demands on steel properties. Toughness needs to be extemely good. Applications can also include the maritime and offshore cluster”, says SSAB Europe’s Head of Process Development Juhani Asunmaa.

”The product development project aims to improve the usability, such as the toughness, formability and weldability of certain high-strength steels. In the project, we are also seeking to boost steel performance, but not at the cost of usability. We will further improve the usability of existing products and develop completely new grades of steel,” adds Juhani Asunmaa.

The other project being partly funded by Tekes is focusing on developing production processes. The aims of the project include increasing recycling and reducing the landfilling of sludge originating in the blast furnace and converter processes, and developing the manufacturing process of special products. Funding from Tekes will enable research to be carried out together with universities.

For further information, please contact:
Juhani Asunmaa, Head of Process Development, SSAB Europe,
[email protected], tel. +358 40 557 8529