Hardox® ‘The Beast’ and StrenxTM ‘The Beauty’ will be displaying their powers to fight wear and weight in a wide range of applications, including trailer chassis and dump bodies for the trucking industry, as well as applications for aggregates, earth moving, lifting, asphalt and concrete.

Introducing Hardox® 500 Tuf wear plate

The new Hardox 500 Tuf delivers an exceptional combination of strength, hardness and toughness. Superior wear and dent resistance gives long service life and the ability to withstand heavy impact.

Also on display is the Hardox wear stairs, demonstrating how different Hardox grades deliver increasing wear resistance and service life, while at the same time reducing the weight of parts and products operating in wear-critical environments.

Strong and light with Strenx performance steel

Advancing from traditional steel to Strenx 110 XF performance steel can save weight and increase payload for trailer chassis.

Crane manufacturer Effer also demonstrates how Strenx 1100 performance steel makes its Effer 2055 crane lighter and stronger.

The combination of high strength and reduced structural weight brings great advantages to crane owners and operators:

• Powerful and fast load handling

• Greater payload capacity on the truck

• Ability to mount the crane on smaller trucks

Effer is a My Inner Strenx member, a quality certification for applications that use
Strenx steel.

Certified quality in design and manufacturing

The quality programs Hardox In My Body and My Inner Strenx are being presented at the exhibition. Program members are OEMs that use Hardox and Strenx to make steel constructions that deliver maximum service life and performance.

New wear product from Hardox Wearparts

Duroxite 400, a new extension to the Duroxite range of overlay products, will be introduced at CONEXPO-CON/AGG.

Hardox Wearparts is a worldwide network of service centers for wear parts and wear management. Expanding rapidly, today there are 45 centers in North America, and a total of 250 centers in over 70 countries.

Photo captions:

  1. Effer 2055 crane is made of Strenx 1100 performance steel which makes it lighter and stronger.
  2. Hardox® wear plate, the extreme wear fighter, will be on display at SSAB’s booth at CONEXPO-CON/AGG.
  3. Strenx™ performance steel, the superior weight saver, will also be on display at the SSAB booth.