Hardox Wearparts has evolved to a worldwide supplier of wear parts and solutions. Today there are 47 Hardox Wearparts centers in North America, and a total of 270 centers in over 70 countries. The number of centers has more than doubled in the last five years.

Selecting the right wear parts is critical in order to maximize uptime of the operations and to find the best performing solution at the right cost. Hardox Wearparts assists in selecting the optimal solution by providing services such as wear reviews and monitoring, and by using WearCalc software for predicting wear and 3D scanning for perfectly fitting parts. Always with high availability to make sure that the right parts are supplied in time.

“All wear business is local”

“By partnering with local companies that supply wear services, we can provide our end customers with local and rapid access to quality wear parts and technical support. By growing the network of Hardox Wearparts centers, as well as growing the range of products and services they provide, we are continuously improving our service capacity,” says Gregoire Parenty, Head of SSAB Services.

Hardox Wearparts powers productivity

At CONEXPO-CON/AGG Hardox Wearparts will be exhibiting wear parts and overlay solutions for high productivity and an extended service life specifically for the road building and construction industries.

Introducing Duroxite 400 for metal-to-metal wear

Adding to the Duroxite overlay product line is the new Duroxite 400, a specially formulated hardfacing overlay pin. It is engineered and designed to withstand severe heat and metal-to-metal wear. Duroxite 400 pins have been designed to outlast original equipment and manganese pins.

The maximum working temperature for Duroxite 400 is as high as 900°F (480°C). Work-hardening hardness can reach up to 58 HRC in service.

Duroxite 400 was originally developed for dragline bucket components. It has quickly gained acceptance in equipment for heavy mining and industrial applications such as dragline shovels, clamshell buckets, sheave pins, backhoe pins, and crusher shafts.

Schedule a meeting with Gregoire Parenty, Head of SSAB Services

Gregoire Parenty will be available for media interviews at the SSAB booth if you would like to learn more about Hardox Wearparts. Ross Wylie, Head of Wear Services, Americas will be available to discuss the new Duroxite 400 overlay product.

Photo caption:
Duroxite 400 pin for a quarry-size wheel loader bucket designed to outlast the service life of any OEM induction-hardened pin.